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Its crossed your mind, you have pondered the idea of a magic show, but you haven't imagined anything close to the show Michael can provide for your group. He has been called 'One of Canada's Elite Magicians' and was recently nominated for Canadian 'Entertainer of The Year' by the Special Events Association of Canada, and now you can get the chance to treat your group to this amazing show.

Prepare to take off into a crazy world of magic and illusion; the audience will certainly be dazzled by the incredible illusions that are presented. Michael's performance is truly one of kind, simply because he features illusions and routines that no other magician in Ottawa display. The show starts with an incredible production of a beautiful exotic bird, it magically appears and this is without question something that the kids are always blown away by and gets them quite excited for the rest of the show. Also included is lots of interaction and participation, several children will be invited to the stage and truly experience the magic for themselves which always creates lots of laughs and fantastic memories. More routines are also included which are thrilling, lively and colourful, they have a terrific visual element as they are choreographed to magical and mysterious music.

To conclude the show Michael performs an amazing illusion that definitely leaves them with a lasting impression of the show as its simply amazing to witness as it uses everyday objects that everyone is familiar with. The length of this amazing show is 35-40 minutes.

Another great thing about this presentation is that everything is self-contained. Michael provides everything needed to create a show that is fun, magical and memorable. Sound System, Microphone, Backdrop and more are all included when you book. [contact Michael about this show]




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