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Have you ever wanted to learn magic?
Its never too late, no matter what age...


For Kids/Camps:

Whether it be for private lessons, camps or after school programs you now have the chance to LEARN AMAZING MAGIC from one of Canada's Top Magicians. Michael Bourada presents his very own Magic School for kids which can now be featured with your camp or program! Children aged 6-12 will love this specific camp as they will learn some amazing tricks and have a lot of fun along the way. Magic has been proven to help kids enhance their motor and social skill all while building self confidence along the way.

Michael has been a full time professional for over 15 years and also can provide the kids with an incredible magic kit prepared by Michael and his team which ensures the kids will not only learn amazing tricks, they will receive high quality items to perform them with.

Program co-ordinators should contact Michael today to learn more about this amazing and completely UNIQUE camp that they can now offer to children in their community!

Contact Michael to learn about the pricing and revenue sharing options...

For Adults:

Michael offers individual or group private lessons and workshops for your company retreat. What the adults learn vs. the kids/camps is completely different; You will learn amazing tricks that will fool any age and most importantly, how to present them. Ranging from sleight of hand to parlour style magic, there are no boundaries to the type of magic you can learn.

Michael is considered a 'versitile' performer meaning he doesn't just specialize in one form of magic, rather MANY forms. Magic is a great way to build more self-confidence and regardless of your age its never too late to start/continue to improve yourself.

Michael can offer anywhere from 1 hour or an entire program that can be spread out over multiple hours and multiple days - the possibilities are endless. The lessons also make TERRIFIC gifts for someone special in your life!




To learn more, please contact Michael....

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